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eSalesUK.com Ltd operates the Mobe.Net and TEXT-back SMS services using email, Web and intelligent interactive response providing the perfect solution for corporate mobile requirements.

E-mail to mobile phone communication

Mobe.Net makes communication with field staff clients and prospective clients
quick, effective and above all SAFE.
It is also the most cost-effective marketing tool ever.

No up-front payments

For your convenience all messages are charged quarterly in arrears and do
not have to be purchased in advance.

Interactive SMS messaging solutions

TEXT-back is a complimentary service to Mobe.Net that provides incoming SMS messages routed by email to any desired location. There can also be an interactive process to provide an intelligent response either from an autoresponder or a Web site, offering WAP-type solutions but with the ease of SMS

Ideal for radio & TV stations, client response, list building, voting, information on demand etc.

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